Tips for Taught Travelers

Whether traveling to Telluride by car or plane, it is a difficult destination to reach, and you might find that by the time you arrive, you are all tied-up with tension upon arrival, before even enjoying the wonderful sports our region offers. While traveling, be sure to take breaks and stretch. Pay special attention to the calves, lower back, shoulders and neck when you find yourself stuck in the cramped sitting position for extended periods of time.

Drivers will especially benefit from the pectoral opener described in this Wellness section. Stretch your neck regularly while traveling, rotating gently left and right, as well as ear to shoulder in both directions (Not shoulder to ear!). Roll your shoulders back and focus on keeping your shoulder blades back and low down your spine, to release tension from the upper trapezius. Try to sit in an upright position when possible, with shoulders and hips aligned, vertebrae vertically stacked, and your weight in your seat being directed vertically downward, to the point of your pelvic floor just in front of your "sit" bones, which alleviates unnecessary pressure and misalignment of the sacral area, which can cause lower back pain. Remember to breath deeply from time to time and focus the breath into areas of tension.