The Reviews are In!

I have worked with other massage therapist while training for an Ironman. Alessandra knowledge, technique and ability to target specific areas for relief, exceeded my expectations. I will be visiting her again on my next trip!
— Lisa Volpentest, May 2019
Alessandra has been my family’s massage therapist since she started her education in massage therapy . She is truly gifted in her work and she continues to educate herself constantly. Her space is soothing and calming and her knowledge superior. She is always, kind, caring and professional. She is an athlete herself and she understands the body and it’s mechanics and injuries. Her passion for what she does is evident in what you will experience as the most therapeutic, relaxing, comprehensive massage you will ever experience.
— Kristine Hilbert, February 2019
Very highly recommended, Alessandra did massages for both my wife and I and we were both extremely pleased. She works in a physical rehabilitation clinic, is very professional and clearly has a lot of experience working in an athletic environment
— Roy Stewart, May 2019
First time. Wow, what an impressive feel she has & knowledge of anatomy! Her sequence of how she relax’s you, before she gets dialed in, is thorough & sooooo nice. Makes me reconsider my massage therapist at home. She’s not a jibber jabber either, very quiet & pleasant. I’ll return as often as I can!
— Juan C. Albuquerque
This was quite possibly the best massage I’ve ever had. Not just because I was in paradise in Telluride in the summer but because Alessandra knew exactly which muscle groups I needed work on to eliminate my pain. As a cyclist I was very happy with the increased mobility I felt after my massage. I wish I had booked my massage sooner. She is phenomenal. Will most definitely re book.
— KK,H. 8/18
Amazing. In every way. As always. Best in Telluride in my 25+ years here.
— Fred B., 8/18
Alessandra is truly an amazing therapist. I’ve had massage therapy for chronic work related muscular pain on and off for 15 years and by far she is at the very top! Professional, comfortable, and determined to find all of the little places needed to completely let the muscles relax. This is much more than a fluff and buff type massage, Alessandra is a true therapist that has changed the quality of my life.
— Tina R., 7/18
Hands down the BEST massage I have ever gotten. My boyfriend and I came for a couples massage and it was a lovely experience. Alessandra was so welcoming and kind and did an excellent job. Lacey was amazing as well. Thank you for making our time in Telluride that much better!!
— Madison M., 7/18
I had a 90 minute prenatal massage during my third trimester; it was absolutely wonderful! Alessandra was very accommodating and continually checked on mine and baby’s comfort level. She addressed my problem areas and used the perfect amount of pressure. By far the best prenatal massage I’ve had in the past 7 months, too bad I live in TX.
— Amanda M., 7/18
I’m admittedly quite picky about bodywork; as a long-distance runner and running coach, I seek a massage therapist who understands anatomy and physiology, and who can work my muscles and tissue in a way that speeds recovery from hard workouts or who helps correct muscle dysfunctions or imbalances. Alessandra exceeded my expectations — she is so skilled and effective! I have been to many sports massage therapists over the past decade-plus, and she was one of if not the best I’ve experienced! I also appreciated how she followed my wishes about how I wanted certain areas worked more than others. I really benefitted from our session and highly recommend her.
— Sarah S., 7/18
She is really experienced and has the most joyful energy. I will return and cannot wait for my next massage. I’ve had many massages at many spas and she is world class.
— John G., 6/18
I’ve had body work for many years by many practitioners and none has been as good as that from Alessandra. Her strength and caring touch has healed the neck and hip pain that I have had. If you want thorough, deep tissue treatment that is similar to structural integration, Alessandra is an extremely gifted and knowledgeable therapist who will not disappoint you. Her studio space is warm and comfortable, so I always look forward to a deeply relaxing, therapeutic visit when my body and soul are in need. As anyone who has had a massage from her can tell you, she is a true healer with a heart of gold!
— Bryan D., Ogden, UT, December 2017
Hands down the best massage I have ever had! I’m not joking. I was on vacation in Telluride this past week and was looking to get a massage while in town. I have a lot of upper back, shoulder, and neck tension/stiffness, so needed a massage therapist who really knew what they were doing and could apply enough pressure to actually work through my stiffness. I found Alessandra online through her amazing reviews and boy, were all her previous customers right. Not only does she know what she’s doing/have amazing knowledge of all the muscles in your body, she applies amazing pressure that actually heals and makes you feel better. Most masseuses at fancy spas don’t know what they’re doing or don’t apply enough pressure even when you ask for a deep tissue massage, which is frustrating when that’s what you’re looking for. Alessandra’s technique is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with her. I walked away feeling completely refreshed. She is also a very sweet and calming person. I come to Telluride about once a year and will definitely see her for a massage every time I’m in town. Book an appointment with her - you will not regret it! Thanks, Alessandra!
— Danielle Levy, December, 2017
As a local ski professional, a good therapeutic massage is important part of keeping me on the hill. Alessandra gets it done with a powerful and thorough application of her knowledge and hands. Don’t hesitate. Worth every penny!
— John Mannix, January 2018
Alessandra is the best masseuse I’ve used in my 28 years of living in Telluride. Strong, intuitive and eminently competent. Hands of a stevedore belie her grace. Highly recommended!
— Tobin B. Telluride, CO October, 17
I booked a massage with Alessandra 2 1/2 months post surgery for a knee replacement. After physical therapy I still had pain and swelling in the joint. Following my whole body massage and cupping of the knee, I was able to walk freely and without pain for the first time post surgery. I would highly recommend Alessandra for therapeutic massage.
— Susanne A., September, 2017
How wonderful to find a master of massage in this mountain town! Alessandra is undoubtedly the best masseuse in the area. If you can get your massage by her, you will not be disappointed. My husband and I both were unspeakably happy with our massages and highly recommend her.
— Roxanne O., Tahoe, CA, October 2017
Amazing massage, and very in tune with the human body. I will be coming back every time I am in town! Thank you!
— Tom S., Denver, CO - October 2017
My wife and I received a couples massage from Alessandra and her accompanied therapist Joanna. We both loved the massage. The prices are reasonable and the service was incredible. They are very knowledgeable when it comes to anatomy and they know what they are doing. Also her website has a lot of great articles to read up on about certain ailments. The hospitality was great and I will keep Alessandra in mind next time we are in town. Look no further for a tune up while you are in town. We felt relaxed the rest of the day.
— Steven H., Tempe, AZ - 10/14/17 via Yelp
What a pleasure to be the recipient of a massage from Alessandra. I have had many massages from her, and she just keeps getting better, if that’s possible, since she was already the best! She is tuned into my needs, tailoring each session to help what ails. Beautiful studio, beautiful soul.
— Andie K., Telluride, CO, 8/2/17 via Yelp
When I travel, I am reticent to get massages ( especially in “resort” towns ) because they too often don’t measure up. Alessandra’s deep tissue work for me on a recent bike trip made me feel like I was back home and was phenomenal! Thank you Alessandra.
— Ross A., Denver, CO 6/8/17 via Yelp
One of the best ever! Great knowledge of muscular system. Strong deep tissue massage. A must after a day on the slopes.
— Aga C., Pittsburgh, PA 2/21/17 via Yelp
I do a lot of Crossfit and I still ski very hard. Throat cancer survivor as well. Words can not adequately communicate the comfort Alessandra has provided. With her help - my body feels better. She is the bomb!
— John K., AZ, 7/17
Alessandra is a great massage provider. we are really picky and will wait to see her instead of going to someone else. She is in touch with the body and loves the art of healing people.
— Emily A., Minneapolis, MN 7/17
OMG! One of the very best massages I have ever had. If your in Telluride, try to book this girl! You won’t regret it!!
— Kent H., TX, 7/17
Alessandra is an excellent masseuse. I highly recommend her. I first met Alessandra when I was in extreme pain due to a ski injury. By the time I sought her help, I could barely walk. She was extremely comforting and got right to the problem. Miraculously, the next day the pain was gone and I was as good as new. So, when one of my employees told me she wasn’t sleeping due to sciatica which she had suffered with for years, I sent her to Alessandra. Once again, my employee was relieved of the pain she had felt for years!!

I am grateful that she lives and works in our community.
— Patty D., Telluride, CO, 6/17
We’ve been getting massages around the world for the last 30 years and Alessandra is by far the best and most experienced in working out my ailments. I highly recommend her hands downs.
— Sealy M. Houston, TX 7/17
Alessandra is hands down the best masseuse I’ve ever had. She really tailored my massage to my needs. I typically ask for men to do deep tissue, but her hands are incredible. I enjoyed my first 60 minute massage so much, that I went back 2 days later for a 75 minute massage! I will definitely look her up next time I’m in town.
— Kristina S. Houston, TX 3/17
For me, a massage is a rare treat that must be worth the time on the table. Alessandra is an intuitive, knowledgable, gifted, therapeutic healer. Whether you wish to gift your body some past due maintenance or your body needs more specific attention, I highly recommend her. With much appreciation and gratitude...
— Chris M. Telluride, CO
Alessandra was professional and very quick to respond. I purchased a massage for my husband on his birthday. He has been getting massages for many years and all over the world. Alessandra is one of the best massages he has ever had!! Thank you! The only bad part is that I didn’t get a massage while we were in town. Next time in Telluride, I am making an appointment with her!
— Kim C., Austin, TX
This was the best massage I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a few! Alessandra does serious deep tissue work that is thorough. She know’s her muscles and is flexible with working through each muscle that is struggling. I did a 90 minute deep tissue and loved it! I highly recommend her, especially for people who feel like their massages aren’t quite deep enough. She is also very comfortable to be around an talk with about any concerns. I might start coming down periodically from Grand Junction to get a massage!!
— Tricia B., Grand Junction, CO
I have had massages all over the world and have to say Alessandra is the best massage therapist I’ve had. She is very talented and was able to work out most of my knots from skiing. The aromatherapy, soft sheets and blanket, and the perfect music were added bonuss for this awesome experience.
— Caroll D., Tampa, FL
Alessandra is the best in Telluride hands down. She is punctual, accommodating and very professional. Look no further for a great massage.
— Mike H., Glenview, IL
Alessandra is, far and away, the best massage therapist I have ever had in Telluride, and I have been a visitor, and now a part time resident, here for about 25 years. She is strong, thorough and intelligent. You body will thank you. Most highly recommended.
— Frederick B., Minneapolis, MN 9/3/16
My wife and I had massages by Alessandra and it was - bar none- the best massage we have ever had..and that’s saying something. We will come back!
— Phil C., Western Springs, IL
3 days of hard skiing had me feeling all sorts of sore. Alessandra gave me relief in the form of a quality deep tissue massage. I am picky, and gravitate toward the perceived strength of a male masseur. But I found Alessandra to have skilled, strong hands, quickly finding my sore spots and digging in. Also, never had hot rocks before, but I hope to have them again in the future. I left transported and relaxed, thank you Alessandra.
— Dave B. - Boston, MA
I had an amazing massage today. Alassandra listened to what my needs were and took care of the areas of my body that needed the most attention. I would highly recommend her! Well worth it!
— Michelle R. - Las Vegas, NV
Alessandra is amazing. Just her presence is soothing. I arrived in Telluride pretty out of touch with my self and am leaving feeling empowered and connected with my body an energized and healthy way.
— Elizabeth H. - Calistoga, CA
Massage by Alessandra exceeded all expectations for our family. She made multiple trips to our home and everyone had an outstanding
massage on each trip. She is simply a talented professional and we give her our highest review.
— Matt D. - Greenwich, CT
Alessandra is simply the best. I get regular massages at home, and finding someone as good as my therapist when I’m out of town is always a challenge. She exceeded my expectations and made me wish she was my regular therapist - I would be in heaven! She’s very knowledgeable about anatomy and musculature - if you’re a skier or any type of athlete you’ll really appreciate her expertise and attention to detail. My husband and I had her come to the house where we were staying and she set up quickly with music and everything - it was better than a spa. We both agreed it was one of the best massages we’ve ever had. In addition to being a true professional, she’s warm and friendly and puts you at ease right away. Her pricing was more than fair. We will be back to Telluride and will hire her again for sure! I’ll be recommending her to all my family and friends who vacation there.
— Judy O., Dallas, TX
Alessandra is a true Telluride gem. Parking is easy, the free lot next to the lift, or bike or ski in! Less expensive than the rest of town, yet top massage expertise. Beautiful music to fit the client, personalized massage and oils, a real find. I have had massages the world over and Alessandra is one of the best. For those new to town, this is a true Yelp discovery.
— Jacquelyne D., Wilmette, IL
1) expert massage
2) ski-in/ski-out location
3) 25% cheaper than the spas

I came in here with a 3 week old MCL injury, and 10 day old bruised tailbone, and just overall pain from learning how to snowboard. She was extremely informed about how to handle these injuries, and get me relaxed and ready for the next day on the mountain. It was an amazing combo of Swedish, sport, and deep tissue. I walked out of there in my full snowboard gear and boots (having just gotten off the mountain), feeling like a million bucks.
— Nina B., Alexandria, VA, Via Yelp, 1/28/15
As a skier and cyclist I have neck and back issues year round. I have had several massages from Alessandra and leave each time with so much gratitude for the improvements in my body. I have experienced SUCH a difference in mobility, level of pain and overall relaxation after a session. I see her every chance I get as just one way of maintaining my body for the next day of skiing or riding. Highly recommend Alessandra for massage in Telluride
— Mary K., Telluride, CO, Via Yelp, 2/17/15
Alessandra is amazing. She took the time to talk through my ailments, my hopes for the massage, and my comfort with pressure throughout. It was the best massage I have received to date- and I’ve gotten a ton in my travels! Her pressure is amazing and she worked through my shoulder issue like a champ. If you’re into deep tissue, someone extremely knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system and just a great person with cool stories, Alessandra is your gal. She even checked in the following day to see how I was feeling! Do it, trust me!
— Iliana R., Houston TX, Via Yelp, 4/26/15
Alessandra ROCKS! I get regular massages from her and absolutely LOVE her work.

She is both knowledgable, talented AND quite intuitive. She takes the time to understand each client’s needs and issues and then individualizes each massage accordingly. I highly recommend her!
— Angela M., Telluride, CO
Alessandra is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot!). She has a great amount of knowledge and understanding of human anatomy and is not afraid to go deep. She has helped me immensely with my neck and back pain. I highly recommend her!!
— Raleigh C., Ouray, CO
What a great massage! I’ll defiantly go back to her! Worked all my aches and pains away, great strong hands! I very much recommend Alessandra!
— Greg G., Ouray, CO