Whichever season you are visiting Telluride, its essential that visitors keep in mind a few tips to make your travels more enjoyable. 

Due to Telluride’s high and dry elevation, be sure to drink a lot of water throughout your stay (a good rule is to drink as many ounces as your weight in pounds, per day). If you find that you suffer from the elevation even when well hydrated, with symptoms such as exhaustion, sleeplessness and headaches, you may want to try an herbal capsule remedy called Altitude Adjustment, which my guests have found to be helpful, available at Sunshine Pharmacy and Apotheca on Telluride’s Main Street (Colorado Avenue). 

When venturing out in the Telluride mountains, be certain to have plenty of sunscreen, whether cloudy or sunny, as UV strength increases exponentially with elevation, and sunburn will exacerbate dehydration. 

Be prepared with plenty of snacks, as the elevation makes your body work harder for oxygen, and pack clothes for all types of weather; mountain weather can change quickly and drastically, and the difference in the shade versus sun can be extreme. 

Be prepared for wind, rain, sleet and snow despite what may appear to be a perfect Telluride bluebird day. 

For exhausted muscles after your Telluride outings, I recommend a hot water soak, followed by a therapeutic Alessandra Massage, and locally crafted Singing Springs Botanicals Arnica Sore Muscle Salve (singingspringsbotanicals.com) and/or Mary Jane’s Medicinals Cannabis Infused Pain Relief Salve (available at most of Telluride’s dispensaries; check Alpine Wellness for the best supply).